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The fashion industry has become more and more demanding of barbers, stylists and hairdresser in recent years, with advanced fade cuts, and pomms, as two examples. In order to keep up, clients are asking those within the hair styling community for some of the most advanced hair clipper and scissor techniques – those who fancy the classics might be feeling a bit overwhelmed.


Whether you are trying to keep up with the demand or just want to be able to deliver execellent cuts, styles and results like the all-stars out there, I am introducing a line of instructional DVDs you need!

Coming from big names, Dave Diggs and Vick the Barber, the range of DVDs available now are invaluable lessons on techniques, skills and ways to up your game from the absolute best in the industry. Educators and all-star barbers, Dave and Vick have spent countless hours in creating these quick and easy-to-learn DVDs to be a real asset to anyone looking to broaden their existing skill set: beginner or professional alike. They have insured that any questions you might have are covered in advance and have taken the guess work out of learning

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